Tuesday, 23 March 2010

The Spring

On Sunday 21 of March the spring started.
In this season the trees flowering.
Everyone is happy because the days are sunny.

My "Desert Island" picks

The three video games that I like best are:
1.-New Super Mario Bross. Wii
2.-Wii Fit
3.-Family Trainer
The movie that I like best is "Avatar".
My favourite songs are:
1.-"Looking for paradise" perfomed by Alejandro Sanz and Alicia Keys
2.-"Burnin Up" perfomed by Jonas Brothers
3.-"Halo" perfomed by Beyonce
The three objects that I like best are:
1.-My Wii
2.-My TV
3.-My laptop
My three best friends are:
The three singers that I like best are:
2.-Miley Cirus
3.-Alicia Keys
The TV serie that I like best is "Patito Feo".

Michael Jackson

This is Michael Jackson. He died on 2009 when he was 50 years old.
He was the king of the pop. He has got three sons.
Here, you can see the video "Thriller" perfomed by Michael Jackson.

Monday, 22 March 2010

Word Clouds

This Word Clouds are about "Daily routines" and "Subjects".
1.- It's about Daily Routines.
2.- It's about subjects at school.

Monday, 15 March 2010

Describing faces

This face is frightened because her eyes are open wide,
the eyebrows are raise and the mouth is open.

This face is happy because her mouth is smiling and
her eyes express joy too.

This face is angry because her eyes are almost
closed and her eyebrows are down.

My surrealist painting

This is my surrealist painting. You can see an eye,
a boat, a fish on a whirlpool and a dragonfly.
Do you like it my surrealist painter?
Think and answer me in a comment, please!!!

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

The best football player for me

Hi friends! This is Sergio Canales.
He is the best football player for me. He plays for
the Racing of Santander but in shortly time he plays
for the Real Madrid.
He's very nice looking.
Yes or no?
Think and answer me in a comment, please!

Monday, 1 March 2010

I'm the Tiger

Sensitive, emotional and adventurous. Confident, risk takers and dislike taking orders. Good at seeing problems, but less able to see the solutions. Often seek a shoulder to cry on when feeling down. Warm and generous to the people they love.
Sensibles, emocionales y de aventura. Confiados tomadores de riesgo, y no les gusta tomar los pedidos. Bueno para ver los problemas, pero menos capaces de ver las soluciones. A menudo buscan un hombro para llorar cuando se siente abajo. Cálida y generosa a las personas que aman.